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Life Of Maai

Dr. Sindhutai Sapkal (MAAI) also known as Mother of Orphans is an Indian social worker and social activist known particularly for her work for raising orphan children. She has been working for past 45 years for the betterment of orphans.

She has been Awarded with more than 750+ awards for her social work. She has nurtured and made the lives of more then 1500+ children. She has 282+ son-in-law and more then 49+ daughters-in-law.

She was born on 14 November 1948 at Pimpri Meghe village in Wardha district Maharashtra to Abhimanji Sathe, a cowherd by profession. Being an unwanted child, she was nicknamed 'Chindhi' (torn piece of cloth). Her father was keen on educating Sindhutai, much against the wishes of her mother. Abhimanji used to send her to school under the pretext of cattle grazing, where she would use 'leaves of Bharadi Tree' as a plate as she could not afford a real plate because of financial reasons. Abject poverty, responsibilities & an early marriage forced her to quit formal education after she passed 4th grade.

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Our Mission

Child Education, Health & Nutrition, Child Protection and Humanitarian Response, Farmer's families, beggars, widow’s and Disaster Risk Reduction in India are continuously suffering due to issues like lack of healthcare, malnutrition, poor hygiene, illiteracy, exploitation and Hunger.

Our Children Health Program.

We provide robust Health and Nutrition to poor families and children of small villages

All of life is a constant education.

We help small villages girls and boys to get high quality education with knowledgeable extracurricular activities to make them educated and self depended in future life.

Rights for Human,rights for future

Every person have the right to live a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. Donate Money & Support Charity to keep children safe & free from harm.

We Rebuild Children's Life

Anyone can't wait for help in the times of crisis. We work to help children move past the trauma of a disaster and rebuild their lives.

Tomorrow is Too Late, Stand Up For Women Today

We help women who are homeless due to suffering from husband’s torture and even her family is not supporting her, we help her rehabilitate and give her new life.

Orphaned Children's









Orphaned Children

What You Get?

Our donors are at the heart of all our efforts of changing the lives of Children, Women, Farmers, Beggars and Disaster Struck People in India and we can never thank them enough for their support.

When You Donate To " The Mother Global Foundation " You Get

  • A Welcome Pack
  • Tax exemption certificate (as per section 80G of the Income Tax of India act) for the amount you donate. 50% of the amount you donate is tax exempt
  • The unparalleled joy of changing a child’s life, which is yours forever.
  • Regular updates of the difference we are able to make in children’s lives using the donations received.

Your Help & Support

How You Help?

In order to plan and execute our projects, we are solely dependent on the support of our donors.

Your small donation can save lives.

Your small action in the form of donation will help us reach 22.51 lakh children, out of which 9.01 lakh children’s will receive direct support for education and health & nutrition, and protection from malpractices like child marriage, abuse & child labor. Your small contribution will go a long way in changing everyone’s life who are suffering from hunger and education. It can do wonders for those who are in need and give them a new start in their life (in some cases life itself), whether it’s sending them to school or helping them fight killer malnutrition or leaving behind a life of child labor.

While THE MOTHER GLOBAL FOUNDATION appreciates monthly donations more where you choose to donate a small fixed amount monthly for us to be able to plan our programs for longer term, a single donation can also help to save a human life.

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Operating Organizations

To bring up the orphans, destitute, distressed, children and women rehabilitation and provide them with basic necessities. To uplift the deprived section of the society and make them capable to live as respected human being.

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